Videos and podcasts

Ask me anything: Did Charles Darwin eat all the animals he discovered?
StAnd Engaged, University of St Andrews

What did science look like in the 19th century?
University of St Andrews Science Discovery Day 2021

Religion and science between Enlightenment and Disruption: David Brewster’s evangelical natural theology
Centre for the History and Philosophy of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of Aberdeen
7 October 2020

Book pitch forEvolution before Darwin
History of Science Society annual conference
8–11 October 2020

David Brewster at the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1808–1830
Research day, School of History, University of St Andrews
4 June 2020

After The Enlightenment: Scottish intellectual life, 1790–1843 – David Brewster and natural philosophy
New Work in Intellectual History, University of St Andrews
5 April 2020

Dr Niki Vermeulen, Dr Bill Jenkins and team – Curious Edinburgh
Tam Dalyell Prize Lecture
15 April 2018

Deep time: The world-changing ideas of James Hutton
The Big Idea by the University of Edinburgh
29 July 2016